Cindy Gullo, LCPC - Therapist & Counselor

Young Women

You've been told you're too sensitive or too dramatic, so you hold you've stuffed your emotions somewhere in there. You don't want to upset anyone, so you overaccommodate others. You're afraid of disappointing anyone. You apologize for everything, and I mean everything. If someone sneezes, you say, "I'm sorry."
Guilt runs through your veins 25/8. Good enough, that's a thing for some people. You toss and turn at night. You lay awake thinking about conversations you messed up, mistakes you made from the day, last week, or second grade. You can't shut your mind off. You've tried handling it yourself. You're exhausted, and you're numb. You're ready for therapy and need a safe space and a person you can trust

I get it; I've been there and got you! Your days of not being enough, putting others first, and sleepless nights are numbered. You deserve to break free from what's holding you back and start living an unapologetically authentic life! I can help.

My expertise is in women and teen girls. I am one, and I've been there and can relate. I offer a place that's safe and free from judgment. I'm here to listen to you and provide you with the strength and encouragement you need to face the unique challenges of growing up in our modern world.

My Approach

I focus on support and empowerment. I'm here to listen to you, understand the issues that you're facing, and help you create a path forward – a solution-based strategy that can help you overcome your problems and grow as a person.

I use a cognitive behavior-based approach to provide my clients with a truly individual and personal relationship. At the same time, I encourage the creation of active, goal-oriented strategies that will help you overcome your fears, anxieties, and emotional struggles.

My Goals

My therapeutic approach for young adults has three primary goals.

Create a safe, inviting counseling environment.

I focus on creating a place where my clients can share their stories – no matter how personal. To that end, I focus on creating a welcoming and judgment-free environment.

Educate and support clients.

An educational approach to therapy is essential for young adults. I aim to clarify to my clients that they are not alone – that many young adults suffer from similar issues.

Empower clients to make positive changes in their own lives

Actual change comes from within when we are heard. I am a guide and a teacher, but only my clients can change their lives for the better. My goal is to empower clients to make their own decisions and take action to improve their lives.

I look forward to hearing from you – and helping you live your best life!

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