Cindy Gullo, LCPC - Therapist & Counselor

You’ve Got This!

And when you don't, you've got me.

Are you a woman struggling with excessive worry, overwhelming self-doubt or sadness? Are you at a difficult time in your life and can’t seem to get it together?

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Hi, I’m Cindy.

I specialize in counseling anxious millennial women who are ready to invest in themselves, silence their critical voice, feel calm, capable and confident.

More About Me

Enough about me... How are YOU doing?

Livin’ the dream… No really, how are you doin’?

If this sounds like you, I can help.

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You're Not Alone

Are you ready to start kicking ass?

What many people don’t realize is the gift of therapy. I want to give to others what counseling gave to me:

Hope. Clarity. Empowerment. Freedom. Confidence.

Therapy is about change and change is not easy. My clients are motivated to make changes to improve their mental well-being and recognize the time and financial commitment needed to be successful in therapy.

By the end of therapy, expect to:

  • Improve awareness and understanding of your thoughts and emotions.

  • Feel confident! Live Authentically! No more "shoulding"!

  • Fulfill relationships throwing down boundaries like a boss.

  • Improve communication skills. Guilt and shame are in the past.

How Therapy Works

Cindy bestie

You're talking TOO FAST!

Yes, I talk fast. Some want me to talk slower. I say listen faster! Speaking of, I’m not a good fit for everyone.

We're a good fit if...

  • You're ready to work on you.
  • You want someone to be there when things get messy.
  • You want feedback, even about the things you don't want to hear but need to.
  • You're ready to laugh.
  • You're ready to cry.
  • You're ready to plug into your heart!

We’re probably not a good fit if you are not ready or willing to change, you want instant results or you aren’t coachable.

More About Cindy

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