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Being a teenager is hard for everyone. You don’t feel like a kid anymore – but a lot of people still don’t entirely treat you like an adult. It’s hard to know what to expect of people older than you and your peers.

This can cause quite a bit of frustration – and things can get even harder during your high school years. You’re planning for your future – maybe you want to go to college or have something else in mind.

Regardless of your plans, the pressure of becoming an “adult” can become extremely hard to deal with and lead to issues like anxiety, depression, and self-esteem problems.

I specialize in helping teens in O’Fallon, and the surrounding area gets the therapy services they need to deal with this challenging time. As a qualified therapist, I can help you or your high school student understand why they feel the way they do – and work through various issues.

Don’t Fear The Future – Prepare For It!

One of my primary services to kids in their teens is helping them understand that their future is bright and that it should not be feared. Planning for the future can be tough, but it must be done. I help my clients work through a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fear of the future

  • Family and interpersonal conflicts

  • Goal and boundary setting

  • Self-harm or destructive behavior

  • Emotional issues

  • Social problems

I take a personal approach to each one of my clients. When you choose my counseling services, I make it a point to understand you as a person and understand what aspects of your life require adjustment. Concerning the teen’s confidentiality, I encourage the parent(s) to be a part of their child’s therapy journey. Therapy can help parents gain a better understanding of their teens and what they are going through. As an experienced counselor for high school students in their teens, I strive to help you improve your life – and face the challenges of the future with confidence!

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Whether you’re a teenager who could benefit from therapy or you are a parent concerned about your teen’s well-being, contact me now. I have years of experience working with teenagers and high school students from diverse backgrounds, and I can help – no matter what problems you or your teen may be experiencing!

Contact me online today for a consultation, and see how therapy can help with the stresses of being a teenager in the modern world.

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