Cindy Gullo, LCPC - Therapist & Counselor

Process and Fees

Individual Sessions are typically 45 minutes, on a weekly basis

When you arrive for your session time, you check in and complete the pre-session questionnaire by scanning the QR code. We focus on personal development and skill-building and implement therapeutic interventions tailored to your needs.

Teen Clients

Many teens and college students bring themselves to the session, in which case we can schedule monthly or quarterly consultations with parents as needed. If your teen is over 18, we will need to get their prior approval to talk with you.

Session Length

Most sessions are 45 minutes long every week, with a 12-session minimum.

During your initial phone consultation, we’ll discuss a time for our weekly appointments - that way, you know your time is yours, and it’s easier for you to remember for planning purposes.

If you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel with at least 48-hours’ notice to avoid being charged the full session fee. In some cases, I will suggest telehealth as an alternative if it is a viable option. Monday appointments canceled after Thursday at 5:00 PM are considered a late cancellation.

Therapy for How Long?

To make the most of the momentum we build upfront, I only meet with clients weekly for the first 12 sessions. Clients average about 30-40 sessions until they discharge from treatment.

Your time and money are valuable. We are meeting less than weekly makes it challenging to reach your positive therapy outcomes. Data shows that the therapeutic bond doesn’t have the opportunity to grow, accountability isn’t possible, and the session focuses on catching up on the past. Whereas meeting weekly, the session time is spent in the present, gaining skills to use for the future. Meeting less than monthly is more costly and less effective in time and money,

I am passionate and vested in helping my clients discover their worth and be free from anxiety and doubt. I only work with clients ready to do the work to get life-changing rewards. The cliches are true; you get what you put into it out of therapy.

Suppose this is not for you; good for knowing what you don’t want! I’d be happy to help you find someone that meets your needs.

Payment is due at the start of every session

I accept credit card and HSA payments through Intake Q's secure online system. Your card is charged one hour before your scheduled appointment time.

My fee is $200for a 50-minute session.

On average, clients who are a great fit take 30-40 weekly sessions before they switch to the maintenance phase (every other week, 1x/month, or 1x/quarter) or discharge from therapy (graduate from treatment).

Cancellations require at least 48 hours to avoid financial responsibility for the missed appointment.

No Surprises Act

You could request a Good Faith Estimate at any time, which we base on our regular sessions costs, if you met with us for 40 sessions during a calendar year. All new clients receive this regardless of whether or not they request it. If we meet for 50 minutes a week for 40 sessions, you would expect to pay $8,000. As explained on our GFE, you could dispute any overcharges by filing a report. For more questions, please get in touch with me.

We plan on 12 sessions to start, but most clients are with me longer. Clients can also request, or we may recommend, more extended sessions or more than weekly sessions. There may also be crises that require us to meet with you more than we’d expect, and these will impact your total cost.