Cindy Gullo, LCPC - Therapist & Counselor
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The Top Benefits Of Journaling For Your Mental Health

Keeping a record of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and activities can be very beneficial when it comes to your mental health. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest benefits of journaling, and how you can use a journal to achieve a more mindful, healthy mental state.

Reflection And Consideration

A journal is a place that’s just for you. You can reflect on your life, and think about your thoughts by putting them down on paper. This is absolutely invaluable.

In our day-to-day lives, we rarely get the time to sit down alone, think about ourselves, and reflect on who we are – and how we can improve ourselves. Whether it’s because of work, our hobbies, or our kids, it’s hard to find the time for ourselves in our hectic world.

Taking just 15 minutes to sit down with your journal lets you reflect – on what’s in the past, what you have to do today, and what’s in store for your future. This time of peaceful meditation and thought can help center you, and keep you focused.

Release Harmful Emotions In A Safe Place

When we’re frustrated, our tendency is to lash out against those who are closest to us – which compounds our negative feelings. A journal is a great place to write down negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

You can release this negativity in a safe, secret place. And often, after you have written about it, you will feel a sense of release. Being able to put these emotions on the page prevents you from getting stuck in a “feedback loop”, and obsessing over them in the future.

Enhance Creativity And Motivation

 Writing can really help enhance your creativity. The mere act of writing down your thoughts and recording them is a fantastic way to boost creativity. Journaling is an act of creation – and as you continue to journal, you’ll be more able to think creatively, and you’ll find that you have more drive and motivation.

Track Progress And See How Far You’ve Come

 If you’ve been struggling with mental health issues, it’s often hard to take a “top down” view, and understand how far you’ve come. Whether you’re seeking counseling, or you’re still trying to work through your issues on your own, a journal is a powerful tool to help you do this.

As you fill your journal, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come. You can track your progress by revisiting past entries – and comparing them to how you feel today.

Got a pen? Got a piece of paper? Then you’re ready to start journaling. Sit down for 15 minutes a day, write down whatever strikes you, and you’ll be astonished at the benefits the journaling process has for your mental state.