Cindy Gullo, LCPC - Therapist & Counselor
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Get The Most Out Of Therapy

Seeing a therapist is a great way to practice self-care. The therapeutic relationship is unique in that trust is a necessary component. Like any relationship, the therapeutic relationship needs a commitment for growth to take place.

Choosing A Therapist

Studies continue to show that the best indicator of successful therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. Put forth the effort to find a therapist who you connect with. Refrain from choosing a therapist based on price or insurance. There are a lot of great therapists who do not accept insurance. You owe it to yourself to work with a therapist who meets your needs.


Therapy is only successful if there is commitment. First, the therapeutic process requires a time commitment, and it is imperative that you attend your appointments as scheduled. Additionally, therapy requires a financial commitment and a commitment. Talk with your therapist about ways to make therapy affordable. Lastly, you need to commit to work as hard outside of the therapist’s office as you do inside of it.

Therapy is Collaborative

The therapeutic relationship is about talking to your therapist and working together towards your goals. It is up to you to put in the effort in therapy and it is up to your therapist to match your effort. Your therapist should never care more about

your goals than you do.

Communication Is Key

Therapy requires your willingness to be open and honest every step of the way. Your therapist can’t help you if she isn’t aware of your needs or feelings. Therapy is about improving the quality of your life. Honesty is mandatory.

If done correctly, therapy is a life-changing experience. Give 100% in sessions, trust the process and change will follow.