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Are Your Friendships Healthy?

Having close friendships is an essential part of living a self-empowered and happy life. A healthy friendship is not about the number of colleagues or associates you have. Rather, it is about having quality friends who consistently render a positive, long-lasting impact on your life. They are your good friends because of the sense of confidence and goodness they build in your life.

Every person has their individual preference and criteria that identifies someone as a good friend. Yet, there are five common signs of a great friendship, so let us talk about the things that only good friends do.

1.Respects Your Boundaries

Each one of us has boundaries and self-imposed limitations. Some are comfortable with wider parameters of interference while others prefer narrower ones. Good friends will recognize and embrace those boundaries without being pushy or feeling insecure.

They will also abide by your personal needs and adhere to the limits you set. They will listen to your concerns, making sure their actions are in harmony with what you expect of them. They will always be ready to surrender their expectations when it comes to saving the relationship. Realizing that every person has their individual responsibilities and obligations, they will release comparisons and expectations to others.

2.Highlights your strengths and areas of growth

A good friend will not merely celebrate your achievements and competencies, but will also support you in your weaknesses and will care enough to help you recognize areas which require necessary improvement. They will help you identify qualities that are unbecoming and motivate you to stretch and change for the better. They believe in your capabilities and expect you to be an even greater version of yourself. In this regard, they hold you accountable to manifest their expectations.

3.Forgives you whenever you apologize

When conflicts arise, your real friends have the courage and willingness to reach out directly instead of gossiping and fueling irritations. Good friends understand you. Also because they know your concerns, mentality and circumstances, they are capable of forgiving.

4.Encourages your dreams

Your good friends believe in your dreams and respect your passionate pursuits. They will be cheerleaders and motivators to support you in reaching your goals. Therefore, they respond to your needs and circumstances during your good and bad times alike. Most importantly, you will always find them with you during the painful and sad moments of life. They will be your mentors pushing you to perform beyond your ordinary limits. They will demonstrate themselves to be your biggest fans, cheering your greatness. They will serve many different roles, simply to help you accomplish your goals and objectives and become a better and a greater person.

5.Elicits your Vulnerability

Good friends will elicit your emotions and vulnerability in a positive and healthy manner. They will draw out honest and open communications. Since their consistent dependable actions will help you feel more confident and comfortable; you would be yourself expressing explicitly all about who you are and secret aspects of your life. Vulnerability and frank attitude is a process which matures over time. When you allow it to unfold, your friendship becomes deeper and more personal, expanding to greater and higher advantageous potentials.