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7 Reasons Why You Need To Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important. At work, in relationships, with friends, and even with children! Having clearly-defined boundaries is a great thing – and can help improve your emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. Read on, and see the top 7 reasons you should start setting boundaries for yourself today

You Can Achieve A Better Sense Of Self

If you are in a relationship and do not have clear boundaries set – both for yourself and your partner – you can often suffer from codependency, and lack a clear sense of “self”. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with loving your partner and wanting to be around them.

But setting boundaries, and taking control of how you interact with one another is a great way to keep your relationship healthy, while still maintaining a sense of “self” – and not losing yourself in the love of another person.

You Are In Control Of How You Are Treated By Others

 If you can set clear boundaries about how you want to be treated by others – and how you treat them – your interpersonal relationships become much easier to navigate. If people repeatedly violate your boundaries or ignore them, you can cut them off, or confront them about their behavior. This puts you in control of how you are treated by other people in your life.

You Can Make Better Life Decisions For Yourself

Understanding what you like – and don’t like – allows you to make better life decisions. For example, if you find that you don’t enjoy spending every waking moment with your partner, you can decide that you need a little more space – and this will result in a happier, more self-actualized life.

This doesn’t just apply to personal relationships, either – if you repeatedly have your boundaries violated at work, that may be a sign that you should leave your company, or seek employment elsewhere.

You Feel More Empowered And In Control

You create your own boundaries. That means you are in control of how you are treated – nobody else is! This creates a sense of empowerment, and allows you to feel much more “in control” of your life. You must understand that only you have the ultimate power to define – and take action on – your boundaries!

You Can Avoid Overextending Yourself

Having clear boundaries about work-life balance, personal relationships, and other aspects of your life helps you avoid overextending yourself, and “burning the candle at both ends”. When something you have to do violates your boundaries, you can simply tell yourself that it is not worth it – and move on.

You Will Feel A Sense Of Guidance

The great thing about defining your boundaries is that they can be a guide in your life – something to turn to when you’re not sure about a decision you have to make.

Say you get offered a job that you’re really excited about – but it pays less than your current position. You can look at your work boundaries to decide whether or not this position would be appropriate for you – which is very helpful if you are having trouble making a decision!

You Can Always Redefine Your Boundaries

You are always in control of your own boundaries. That means they don’t have to be static – they can change. With the help of a therapist or a counselor, it’s easy to create a set of guidelines that reflect where you are in your life’s journey – and counseling and therapy can help you redefine these boundaries, if necessary.

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